I’m so excited to share my newest pattern with you today. This is Underbrush (Ravelry link), a rectangular lace wrap I designed to use one of my skeins of handspun. The story of how this wrap came to be is dear to my heart.

Almost four months ago, Whispy, my cat with the biggest appetite and the biggest lust for life, stopped eating. We took him to the emergency vet, but it didn’t seem too urgent (he had only missed two meals), so I took a few minutes to wind this skein of handspun and grabbed some needles before we left. I cast on some number of stitches and started a plain, garter stitch scarf while we waited for his many test results.

Unfortunately, Whispy was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma and my garter stitch knitting project became mentally toxic. I frogged it and the yarn sat in a basket on my coffee table for weeks.

Sadly, Whispy did not survive despite getting him the best possible treatment and the yarn continued to sit.

At some point over the last couple months, I came to a point in my grieving process where I could try working with the yarn again. I chose a simple lace pattern this time–one that made me think of spring and of the outside, which Whispy loved most of all (no, really, he had a harness and loved to go for walks). I found the lace pattern easy to memorize and a comfort to knit.

Today, wearing my Underbrush as I type this post, I am able to think fondly of Whispy and remember all our happiest moments with him. I hope Underbrush will bring you some comfort or joy, too.

Underbrush (Ravelry link) is a simple rectangular lace wrap whose loose gauge will work with anything from laceweight to sport weight yarn. The undulating, organic lace chart is easy to memorize and a comfort to knit. While instructions are given for a single size, it would be easy to modify the cast on amount and length to achieve a wide range of sizes.

Through 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time on June 24, 2020, you can pick up Underbrush for just $2 using the code UNDERBRUSH on Ravelry.

In memory of Whispy, who loved life more than anyone I know.